Task 2.2

Development of co-designed White Papers

This task builds on the work of Task 2.1 and its primary aim is to bring together researchers and relevant stakeholders to work with the most pressing questions emerging from the Town Hall event and its side meetings. The innovative aspect of this task will be for researchers and stakeholders to actively cooperate in co-designing a series of white papers to address the top six questions identified from Task 2.1. These topics would not represent all the research identified in a European Polar Research Programme but rather a set of core questions to tackle at the start of the programme.

These Papers are intended to provide a state of the art for each issue, identify the challenges in addressing the issue, including consideration of infrastructure needs, and outline possible approaches that could be addressed through a European Polar Research Programme.

The Task 2.2 approach will utilise several workshops, operated along the lines of the Dahlem workshop model, originally developed by the Free University of Berlin. This workshop model is very effective in facilitating greater interdisciplinary discussion and allowing a larger numbers of participants, including the various stakeholders, to contribute effectively to each topic. Further iterations, utilising the virtuous circle of science-stakeholders-infrastructure through smaller meetings, and involving inputs from Work Package 3 as well as researchers and stakeholders, will refine the ideas and text to produce a final set of six white papers.

These white papers will be published as a bound report and will be primarily targeted at policy makers and funding agencies but will also be accessible to a broader range of stakeholders, including the research community. The papers are intended to provide early insights to the wider community as to how Europe could address substantial polar research issues. The white papers will represent an intermediate step towards development of an Integrated European Polar Research Programme and provide essential background for the work of Task 4.2. The interaction of researchers and stakeholders will also hopefully help build a more effective dialogue between the two groups and a willingness to continue interacting to address polar topics in the future.

Task 2.2 is led by two partners with strong connections to research funders and policy makers who are the primary target groups for the white papers. The British Antarctic Survey (NERC-BAS) is a component of the National Research Council of the UK and MINECO is the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. All consortium partners will contribute to this task.

This Task will focus on:

  • Developing interactions between researchers and stakeholders in addressing polar issues.

  • Reviewing research priorities emerging from Task 2.1 and identifying the most pressing topics.

  • Co-designing solutions to address the gaps and deliver these through a set of white papers.

Work Package lead

Marie-Noelle Houssais
Centre National de la Recherché Scientifique (CNRS)
Paris, France

Task leads