Task 1.2

Operational management, coordination, internal communication

This task is focussed on the daily management of the project, delivery of project reports and ensuring efficient workflow within the consortium. The executive management of EU-PolarNet is the responsibility of the Management Support Team under guidance of the Project Manager, Nicole Biebow, with support of the Executive Board.

Management Support Team: The permanent contact for all partners regarding their participation in the project.

Project coordinator: Supports all partners in their decision making processes and in resolving any potentially difficult situations.

The Project Coordinator and the Management Support Team aim at creating a strong group dynamic within the project. The German Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), as the coordinator will lead this task and will be supported in the operational management by the Executive Secretary of the European Polar Board.

This task will focus on:

  • Ensuring the due delivery of project deliverables according to the work plan based on the inputs of the Work Package leaders.

  • Assisting the project partners by checking that the reports provided are in line with the European Commission rules and requirements.

  • Supporting the EU-PolarNet management body by organising and preparing the respective meetings.

  • Ensuring that the decisions made by the General Assembly will be accomplished.

  • Implementing and administering an interactive internal website that enables the work flow between all partners by sharing and storing documents, following the work plan, organising meetings and discussing special issues online.

  • Promoting interaction among the consortium partners and ensuring that all project partners are fully engaged; this will be achieved through regular contacts.

Work Package lead

Nicole Biebow
Project Manager EU-PolarNet
Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI)
Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Bremerhaven, Germany
Tel.: (+49) 4714/831-1011
Email: nicole.biebow@awi.de

Task lead