Stakeholder Questionnaire

Objectives of this questionnaire

  • The objective of this questionnaire is to identify individuals and organisations with an interest in engaging in polar research projects, in order to involve them in future projects.
  • This questionnaire seeks to find out what motivates stakeholders to engage in polar projects, as well as the extent and the way they would like to get involved.
  • This questionnaire aims at determining which potential barriers stakeholders have experienced or are expecting to encounter when engaging in polar research projects.
  • The results of this questionnaire will facilitate initial science-stakeholder dialogues, as well as to manage expectations and identify needs from the onset of a partnership.


Any data and information given in this questionnaire will be treated strictly confidential and will not be transferred to any third parties. Participants interested in getting actively engaged in polar research projects are encouraged to fill in their contact details at the end of this questionnaire. We will then be in touch shortly.

Download questionnaire as pdf.

Stakeholder Questionnaire

1) Which of the following stakeholder groups do you associate with?
2) On which level do you generally operate?
3) Which polar topic(s) is/are of interest to you?
4) What would your motivation be to get engaged in research projects in the Polar Regions?
5) At what stage of a research project would you be most interested to get involved?
6) How would you best be involved in a research project?
7) Which barriers do you think you might encounter, if you engaged in a scientific project?
Any other comments?
Personal details
Personal Details

We would be very happy to cooperate with you in future polar research projects. In order for us to reach out to you and to discuss possible cooperation opportunities, please fill in the details below. We will then be in touch with you shorty.
Please note that your personal details will be treated strictly confidential.