Public Consultation on Research Priorities

EU-PolarNet held its second public online consultation from 19th April to 2nd June. Thank you to everybody who participated. In total we received more than 500 answers from 36 countries.

The anonymous survey featured one key question: “What are the most important topics in relation to your work and/or everyday life (either locally, nationally or internationally) in the Polar Regions that should be solved by future research?“

With this survey, EU-PolarNet wanted to enable the polar community and stakeholders to identify priority areas for future polar research. Respondents were asked tp indicate up to three priorities and to categorize their topics under one of the five overarching themes:  People and societal issues; Climate and cryosphere; Sustainable resources and human impact; Polar biology, ecology and biodiversity; and New technology. These overarching topics are based on the results of the EU-PolarNet Report on prioritized objectives in polar research.

The results of the survey will build a fundamental basis for a set of five so called polar white papers, which in turn are an important step towards the integrated European Research Programme – one of EU-PolarNet’s main deliverables (for more information about the white paper process, please have a look at the white paper workshop report).

Survey results

Download the report about the survey results here.