Interaction with Stakeholders

The main objective of Work Package 4 is to create and deliver a framework and implementation plan to facilitate mutually beneficial engagement and interaction between EU-PolarNet research programme participants and stakeholders from a wide variety of public and private sectors including policy, business, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), the international research community, as well as wider society including young people.


  • Task 4.1 – Identification of stakeholders: existing and potential

  • Task 4.2 – Identification of stakeholder needs

  • Task 4.3 – Communication and outreach


  • Initiate, conduct and sustain an on-going dialogue and cooperation with all relevant stakeholders for the Polar Regions.

  • Support meaningful interactions between scientists and stakeholders to shape the future polar research agenda, exchange key information and priorities, and foster joint involvement in the research process.

  • Develop innovative approaches to bridge disciplinary and cultural gaps to integrate multiple types and sources of knowledge, visions, needs and preferences.

  • Establish trans-disciplinary collaboration on polar research by bringing together natural scientists, social scientists and stakeholders.

  • Embed the concept of social and economic relevance within the research programme.

  • Provide evidence to demonstrate the use of data and research results by end users.

  • Develop a suite of innovative combination of stakeholder engagement and analysis techniques to guarantee efficient interaction.

  • Equip EU-PolarNet participants with “tools” and resources to development engagement plans.

  • Provide flexibility of approach to cope with the evolving project needs.