The task of the Policy Guidance Panel is to provide evidence-based advice whenever the European Commission or other decision makers approach EU-PolarNet with policy-related questions. The panel thus has to react ad hoc to upcoming requests on pressing polar related policy issues, while ensuring that its views and services are in line with the consortium needs. In order to meet the diversified requirements, the 14 appointed panel members represent different key sectors of the Polar Regions.

The members of the Policy Guidance Panel are:

  • Chair: Frej Sorento Dichmann (Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Denmark)
  • Deputy Chair: Björn Dahlbäck (Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, Sweden)
  • Deputy Chair: Michał Łuszczuk (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
  • Jane Francis (British Antarctic Survey, UK)
  • Naja Mikkelsen (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark)
  • Nalan Koc (Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway)
  • Vito Vitale (National Research Council, Italy)
  • Heidi Kassens (GEOMAR, Germany)
  • Yves Frenot (Institut polaire français Paul Emile Victor, France)
  • Halldor Johannssen (ArcticPortal, Island)
  • Gonçalo Vieira (Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território, Portugal)
  • Gertrude Saxinger (Austrian Polar Research Institute, Austria)
  • Christine Valentin (World Ocean Council)