Learn more about EU-PolarNet – The world’s largest consortium of expertise and infrastructure for polar research, representing 22 research institutions from 17 European countries.

EU-PolarNet / EPB side event at ATCM

EU-PolarNet and the EPB organised a side event at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) to stimulate discussions with ATCM delegates to identify societal relevant research needs in the Antarctic as an important contribution for national and international programmes.Find out more here.

A glimpse on the EU Arctic Cluster meeting

The EU Arctic Cluster becomes Polar by bringing together the insights from various areas of expertise in both Polar Regions. The Cluster will provide one entry point to the EU-funded Polar research. More information here.

EU-PolarNet in Lisbon

Programa Polar Português (PROPOLAR) and EU-PolarNet co-organised a Polar Symposium called "Polar Research and Europe: New challenges and opportunities" at the University of Lisbon. This was followed by the 5th and last EU-PolarNet General Assembly which 50 colleagues from all over Europe attended.

EU-PolarNet White Papers

EU-PolarNet’s first fully co-designed products are now finalised. The five EU-PolarNet White Papers developed by fifty polar experts ranging from senior and early career researchers, representatives from indigenous peoples, industry, policy and NGOs jointly are available here.

European Polar Infrastructure catalogue published

Based on EU-PolarNet deliverable 3.2 the European Polar Board recently published the European Polar Infrastructure Catalogue which gives an overview of all European infrastructures in the Arctic and Antarctic. The report can be found here.

EU-PolarNet Policy Briefing

We organised our 2nd Policy Briefing "Key changes in the Polar Regions that call for European action" in the European Parliament in Brussels and teamed up with the EP Intergroup on "Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development". Read the event report.

The EU Arctic Cluster

The currently funded Horizon 2020 Arctic projects together build the EU Arctic Cluster – a network, which merges the most up-to-date findings on Arctic change and its global implications. Learn more about the cluster's objectives and its participating projects.

Ground of Story: Polar Research - A film by the Parlamentarium

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The EU-PolarNet consortium is on YouTube

Curious about the EU-PolarNet consortium members, about why the polar regions matter to Europe and news from our events? Then visit our YouTube channel.

EU-PolarNet has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 652641.