Learn more about EU-PolarNet – The world’s largest consortium of expertise and infrastructure for polar research, representing 22 research institutions from 17 European countries.

EU-PolarNet 1 Achievements

EU-PolarNet 1 came to its end in June 2020 after five exciting and very productive years. We have supported the European Commission in many fields related to the Polar Regions and helped them to identify topics for polar calls in H2020. All the deliverables are available here.


The Integrated European Polar Research Programme

During the last 5 years, EU-PolarNet has been working on the Integrated European Polar Research Programme to reflect the stakeholder needs in the research programme. You can download it here.

White Paper on European Polar Infrastructures

This white paper on European polar infrastructures is the infrastructure and logistics response to the research needs addressed in the European Polar Research Programme. You can download it here.

Stakeholder Engagement in the Polar Research



EU-PolarNet is happy to announce the publication of the white paper on polar stakeholder engagement. You can download it here.

EU-PolarNet participapes in the Horizon Results Booster programme


The EU-PolarNet has been granted to use the Horizon Results Booster action. The Booster Services will help the EU Polar Cluster to strengthen the capacity of the cluster as a whole in disseminating and exploiting our research results.

2020 European Polar Science Week

EU-PolarNet 2 will organise its virtual kick-off meeting together with the EU Polar Cluster Annual Meeting 2020 on 26-27th October 2020, both within the upcoming 2020 European Polar Science Week. In Eu-PolarNet, we made a gap analysis on the technical and operational requirements of the European Polar Research Programme for satellite applications. Visit the conference website to find out the registration details and daily agendas.

WEBINAR: the European Polar Research Programme

In case you missed the webinar: Stronger together: European cooperation for Polar science and society - The Integrated European Polar Research Programme co-organised with the EPB, you can watch it back following this link to our YouTube channel or check the minutes here.

White Paper on Polar Data Accessibility


A white paper on European polar data accessibility, including proposals for capacity building methodology to interconnect the existing and upcoming polar research data systems and infrastructures and thus ensure data are made more widely available.

EU-PolarNet White Papers


EU-PolarNet’s first fully co-designed products are now finalised. The five EU-PolarNet White Papers developed by fifty polar experts ranging from senior and early career researchers, representatives from indigenous peoples, industry, policy and NGOs jointly are available here.

The EU Polar Cluster

The currently funded Horizon 2020 polar projects together build the EU Polar Cluster – a network, which merges the most up-to-date findings on Polar change and its global implications. Learn more about the cluster's objectives and its participating projects.

Ground of Story: Polar Research - A film by the Parlamentarium

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EU-PolarNet has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 652641.