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The EU-PolarNet newsletter informs you quarterly about news from the consortium and affiliated projects, reflects on developments in European polar research and gives a glimpse on conferences and events coming up in near future.

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Current issue: January 2017

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Main Topics

  • The year of infrastructures
    EU-PolarNet is entering its third year and with a glance on the list of upcoming deliverables, it is going to be an interesting year for anybody with an interest in infrastructures. Learn more about four new reports that are in the pipeline.

  • Joint forces: Co-creation of polar white papers
    The consortium is about to prepare a set of white papers, which will address top research questions for European polar research. The innovative aspect of this task will be for researchers and stakeholders to co-design these documents. 

  • Four new polar projects to keep an eye on
    The Horizon2020 work programme funded four new polar projects in 2016. We are very much looking forward to working with them and to creating synergies in between our projects.

  • A glimpse on: Austrian Polar Research
    Did you know that Austria has a long-standing tradition in polar research? You might be surprised to learn that it was an Austrian, who first formulated the idea of an “International Polar Year”. Learn more about this rather large polar community in the centre of Europe.

  • Upcoming conferences and events
    We have listed some of this year’s polar events highlights, from the Arctic Science Summit Week in Prague, to the AMAP international conference on Arctic Science: Bringing Knowledge to Action in Reston, Virginia.



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