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4th EU-PolarNet Newsletter

The fourth EU-PolarNet newsletter is online with news from an exciting and eventful fall, a glimpse on Dutch polar research, an outlook on what is to come, etc. Have a look!

Public EU-PolarNet deliverables

From a compilation of prioritised objectives in polar research, to a stakeholder map and a European infrastructure catalogue - the list of public EU-PolarNet deliverables is broad and divers. Have a look at our published work!

EU-PolarNet at the COP22

Together with the EU funded project ICE-ARC EU-PolarNet organised a side event at this year's World Climate Conference in Marrakesh on "Arctic change and its implications for global risk". See who was speaking..

EU-PolarNet Townhall Event

EU-PolarNet hosted a major Townhall Event in Brussels, themed "Towards the 1.5°C climate goal - Contributions of Polar Research". The objective was to explore how future polar research can contribute to the "1.5°C target". Watch the talks and panels here.

Polar research in the Netherlands

Annette Scheepstra and Maarten Loonen present the milestones, the focus and current initiatives of Dutch polar research in this overview.

EU-PolarNet on YouTube

Meet the EU-PolarNet consortium members on the project's YouTube channel and learn about the importance of the Polar Regions and polar science for Europe. Opens external link in new windowGo to YouTube.

Keep an eye on..


2017 Northern Science Award

Nominations are now open for the 2017 Northern Science Award. The Northern Science Award is presented annually to an individual or a group who have made a significant contribution to meritorious knowledge and understanding of the Canadian North. The deadline for nominations is January 30th 2017. Learn more.


EU-PolarNet is funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme. Grant agreement number 652641.